Prescription Drug Insurance and Drug Safety

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Prescription Drug Insurance and Drug Safety

Millions of Americans rely on prescription medication to help them maintain their overall wellness. As a result, major health insurance plans almost always cover these services. However, no two prescription drug plans are identical. It’s important to both understand how your plan covers these drugs and be a responsible consumer once you begin taking these medications. Prescription drug safety is nothing to take lightly.

Prescription Drug Coverage Under Health Insurance

Under regulations set by the Affordable Care Act, most health insurance plans available in the United States must offer a set of essential benefits, including prescription drug coverage. With this coverage, your insurer will agree to pay a significant portion of the cost of numerous prescription drugs. Therefore, you will only be responsible for paying a portion of this cost out of your own pocket.

Obtaining, paying for and Taking Your Medicine

Health insurance for prescription drugs is not unlimited. Therefore, you must work within the terms of your plan to receive the most optimized coverage for your medications. Several terms and conditions might apply.

Once you get your prescription, it is of course your responsibility to understand that you are now in possession of a substance that could be harmful to you if you use it incorrectly. You must take your medication only as prescribed by your doctor, and you are not permitted to share medications with or sell them to others.

Additionally, it’s to your advantage to review your medications with your doctor periodically, to gain a better understanding of the side effects of these medications, how they are benefitting you, and whether you might need to make changes to dosages or switch medications altogether. Luckily, your health insurance will also enable you to receive at least an annual checkup with your doctor, and this is a perfect time to review your prescription medication needs for the coming year.