Good Home Security Starts With Good Locks, Here’s Why

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Good Home Security Starts With Good Locks, Here’s Why

Home security systems promise the latest in technology and connectivity, and offer users the chance to defend their home against countless liabilities, from break-ins to fires. However, the best home security is the original home security—a set of reliable locks on all of your doors and windows.

If your home has strong locks, then they can really slow someone down who wants to enter your home without a key. However, what happens if they break a window? Even though you have strong locks on your windows already, there are always components you can add to the house to further enhance security. Here’s how to approach your security setup.

Why Windows are High Security Risks

A thief won’t just enter your home through a door. There are also the windows to think of as entryways, particularly those on the first floor of your home. All windows, particularly older ones with older designs, are often easy to access. Plus, if you have a glass door, particularly one that is single-frame, all it takes is a rock or crowbar for a thief to enter your home.

Minimizing Window Entry Risks

To build up your window security, there are quite a few practical steps you can take.


The Benefits of Smart Technology for Window Security

If you have a smart home security system, then you might be able to further enhance your window security. Many smart systems have window sensors, which will detect when someone opens a window and then send a notification to your smart phone. If necessary, they can also notify the police. If you have a home security camera, then the potential entrant might be caught on video, too.

Still, at the end of the day, no amount of security can replace a strong lock and personal vigilance. So, as you start to build your window security system, start with the basics and go from there.