Will Home Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Will Home Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

Home insurance is not just to protect the home itself. In fact, liability protection may be the most important part of your home insurance plan. A new roof or garage door is something that you might be able to cover out of pocket, but the costs incurred in a personal injury case can bankrupt the average family.

In most cases of dog bites, your insurer will offer coverage. However, there are some nuances that you should understand going forward in order to make sure that you are protected should your dog bite someone on your property:

What we all hope for is that our dogs never bite anyone in the first place. Insurance may be able to help you cover the legal costs should this happen, but as always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When introducing your dog to new people or animals, always take it slow and make sure that you’re there to keep things from getting out of hand, especially when children are involved. Ensure that you have your dog properly trained, and that they get enough exercise so that they don’t develop issues with anxiety.

No matter how safe and friendly your dog may be, you don’t want to assume that it will never bite or harm anyone, as it may happen even by accident. And of course, whenever introducing new liability concerns to the home, you’ll want to keep your insurer up to date and find out if there are any additional steps that they require you to take.