Do Veterans Qualify for Discounted Auto Insurance

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Do Veterans Qualify for Discounted Auto Insurance

As a veteran, it can be very important to manage your money well. Your hard work and service to the country should stand for something. Many vets qualify for a discount on their auto insurance policy. This does not always apply, but if it applies to your situation, it is worth asking about. How can you reduce your costs on car insurance without limiting your coverage? Here’s where to start.

Does Your Insurer Offer a Veteran Discount on Auto Insurance?

The availability of discounts on auto insurance policies is dependent on the insurer. Each one sets their own rules and requirements for coverage as well. However, numerous organizations do offer discounts to veterans of the Armed Services. This includes those who are active duty and those who retired. It takes just a moment to ask your insurer about available discounts. Keep in mind that you should always ask. Most will not assume or ask you otherwise.

If the company offers a discount, it could be significant. Some companies offer 10 to 20 percent off auto insurance for veterans. This may only apply to active duty members in some situations. In all cases, the discounts typically apply to you, the veteran, as well as your immediate family members, such as a spouse or child.

Other Ways to Reduce Your Costs

If you are considering other ways to further reduce your car insurance costs, consider these tips.

When it comes down to it, auto insurance costs do not have to be hard to manage. As a veteran, you may qualify for lower rates.