Is Driving Still Safe for Your Senior Loved One?

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Is Driving Still Safe for Your Senior Loved One?

Your parents are getting older. You worry they may not be as skilled behind the wheel like they used to be. In situations like this, many people want to know what to do. And, how do you know when your senior loved one is no longer safe behind the wheel? Your auto insurance provider needs to know this information as well.

Observe What You Think Is Happening

In some situations, it is best to take a step back and really observe what is occurring around you. Go for a drive with the individual. Pay attention to what happens as you move along the roads. Do they react slowly? This is one of the telltale signs of a higher risk. In other situations, you may notice your loved one is having a hard time turning or may not turn as smoothly as they used to.

Also, consider how confident they are behind the wheel. Sometimes, people start driving at a slower pace because they are not as confident to accelerate. This does not mean your senior who speeds down the road is okay, either. A little caution never hurt anyone, after all.

Consider their previous driving history. For example, in the last few years, have the police stopped them for a moving violation? Why did it happen? And, how many times did it occur? You may want to talk to them about the risk of their car insurance rates rising as a result of the moving violations. This may help your loved one start to process whether they should be behind the wheel.

When Danger Is Present

Usually, it is not possible to force someone to stop driving unless the DMV withdraws their license, or their doctor does so. Schedule an appointment with the doctor and the senior. Discuss what you experience on the road with them. Talk about potential ways to limit the risks. And, let the doctor provide insight into what options are available.

It is also important to consider raising the value of the driver’s liability auto insurance in this case. Having more protection may help provide some peace of mind should an accident occur. Work with your car insurance agent to learn more about these options. The key to remember here is that driving is a privilege, and one seniors must take seriously. While not driving can be challenging, causing an accident can be devastating.