Home Insurance and Solar Roof Panels: Have You Heard of Them?

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Home Insurance and Solar Roof Panels: Have You Heard of Them?

Tesla unveiled a new type of roof shingle. The shingle integrates a solar panel into it. These are attractive and typical looking solar roof panels. They work to collect solar energy. They can work well to power your home. And, they are expensive.

Though Tesla’s Solar Roof is in its infancy, it is likely to become a common type of option for homeowners in the future. Competitor products will as well. But, does your home insurance cover these products?

Coverage Based on Value

When insuring these types of roof panels, consider their true value. For example, if damage occurred during a storm, they would likely be expensive to repair. Though these new systems are durable and have design features to protect them from damage such as hail, these are still rooftops. They still experience some level of risk. For that reason, your home insurance policy needs to match the higher value of these systems.

When Will Coverage Apply?

The next thing to keep in mind is the timeframe for when you can file a claim. Solar roof systems can fail. They have electrical components that could catch on fire, for example. Or, falling debris might damage the roof during a storm. In these cases, coverage for your roof may have some limitations.


Most importantly, speak to your home insurance agent. Discuss what the risks are to you. Discuss the cost of your policy with these new systems. Do this before you invest in a solar roof system. As these products become more available and lower in cost, you may see more homes with them. Be sure your home insurance policy covers the type of roof you have extensively.